You’ve heard the news — SOA is dead, SOA is old, SOA is yesterday.

The word is misused, maligned, and left for dead. But the architecture is solid and more vibrant than ever, especially in the cloud.

We don’t confuse SOA with SOAP, SOA with XML-RPC, or SOA with Oracle SOA Suite. We still believe Service-oriented Architecture is a valid and powerful architecture that every integration, solution, and enterprise architect should have a solid mastery of. We consult nearly every day on SOA initiatives, and with cloud-based services, dev-ops work against SSH-based security, and build tool setups… SOA is not only alive, it’s mature, solid, and reliable.

We don’t confuse SOA with tooling. Mulesoft, Fuse, Oracle Fusion Middleware. Regardless of the tool, we can help you move your web-services and API to a better place.

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